Thursday, 21 November 2013

My time at the Tamaki River walk

Tamaki River

This was the time that the seniors went on the Rotary walk. Today I learned how to use Animoto.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Using number lines to jump to a tidy number.

              Using number lines to jump to a tidy number to add         27/8

Click on the link below and do at least 5 to 6 addition problems. Take a screen shot of your work and save it in your Maths folder.

This is the math that I have did on ict games.My teacher told me how to jump to a tidy number on number lines with my math group. 

My alphabet sun safety challenge.

My alphabet sun safety challenge.                    
Always wear sunscreen
Be under the shade on hot sunny days
Cover your face with sunblock
Don’t go out into the sun with no sunhat or sunblock.
Each person has to be responsible for their own  sun safety.
Fan yourself when you’re hot.
Get some water
Have to wear a hat or wear sunblock  
Ihink that the sun safety rules are helpful
Jump in the water when you’re hot
Keep safe
Look for good things to do on a hot day
Make sure that when you go in the sun you have a sun hat or sunblock
Never go outside on a sunny hot day with no hat or sunblock
Obey the sun safety rules
Pants are helpful  
Run under shadeshelter
Sunblock is something you must wear when you are out in the sun
T-shirts keep you covered from the sun
Umbrellas shelter you from the sun
Very helpful when u follow the sun safety rules.
Water must be drunk to keep you hydrated
You must obey the sun safety rules.