Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My poems

These are the three poems that I like. The first one is the longest and the rest is short.
I am a...
by Inotia

I am a
Cat owner
Music listener
T.V watcher
Learning lover
Maths lover
Online player
Music lover
Ocelot freak
Sport player
Student of PBS
and an awesome girl.

by Inotia

Blue is excitement.
Blue is the sight of funny smurfs.
Blue is the taste of fresh blueberries growing in my garden.
Blue is the feeling of a snowflake melting in my hand in Winter.
Blue is the sound of a bird singing and whistling in the morning.
Things I Like
by Inotia

singing in my room
chocolate fudge
sparkling stars
my charm bracelets
chocolate milk
choc and cookie ice-cream
Holly Webb books

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Transformation art

 This is a transformation art that we did for art time. We learned how to blend colours together with pastels. We also learned how to reflect, rotate and transformation.

My blog comment on Stone-fields

I made another blog comment on Stonefields.  I decided to make a blog comment on Stonfields because their school really inspires me. I also decided to make a blog comment on them because I really like their picture

My blog comment on Starr in Tamaki Primary School

This is a blog comment that I did to Starr. Starr wrote that she learned a lot of new words but I wanted to know what she learned so I decided to make a blog comment on her. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My basic facts results

Today I have done a basic facts test. I got 60 answers correct out of 100. I think that I need to keep practising on my basic facts.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Programme at Panmure Library

Wednesday trip to the Panmure Library
Today we walked to the Panmure Library for a programme. The people that was there for the programme came from the Auckland Museum.  In the there we got separated into groups, the group that I was in learned how to use Rakau's and the  other group learned how to use a  Patu.  The story that the lady told us was really fascinating.  My favorite part was when Jasmine and DJae were acting.   

Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to annoy your teacher

Yesterday we were learning to write instructions. We learned that for instructions they have to start with a bossy verb.

How to
annoy your teacher

  • Make funny noises when your teacher is writing, but don’t get caught
  • Sleep in class either if you’re watching a movie or when you sit at the back of the class
  • Don't listen while your teacher is writing
  • Laugh loudly when someone tells you a joke on the mat
  • Read quietly when you are doing maths but make it obvious
  • Comment on everything your teacher says
  • Look like you’re listening to your teacher but talk to your friends a lot
  • Wiggle your chair to side to side

Can you think of another way to annoy your teacher?