Monday, 25 May 2015

Narrative Writing

A day to remember

April 13 1915 in the trenches you can see Jacob with an injured knee but it's healing alright.  Jack, Austin, Mack, Jacob, Tyler, Braylin and I were planning to have a stroll at midnight for Mack’s birthday.  Jack was a good doctor because he was studying how to  be one before he joined the army.  We were quite worried for Jacob because we might get caught from our enemies.  

During our walk Jacob trips and landed on his knee real bad and then the enemies heard and saw Jacob on the floor.  He got up as quick as he could but then they shot both of his shoulders.  We ran and carried him on our shoulders.  He was losing a lot of blood but we weren't close to our trenches where the bandages were.  Jack decided to help and asked if anyone has a badge but Braylin decided to use his t-shirt.  As soon as he took it off there was a line on his chest which meant he had rheumatic fever.  Jack knew it meant he had rheumatic fever and asked him did he know about this the whole time and his reply was yes.  Braylin said that he didn’t want to get sent home so he didn’t tell them.  Later they just focused on how to help Jack.  
They ran back to their trenches, it was a long run for them.  As soon as they got there Braylin collapsed as soon as they got there.  We tried to wake him up  but there was no reply.  Jack said that he is dead!  Then we all buried him.  Jack took the two bullets out of Jacob.  Jacob was healing nice and quickly.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Writers purpose

This is a Google Drawing. I made this poster up and it was to convince anyone to from NZ to enlist to be a solider to go war. I learned how to make posters convince people to join the army or air force.