Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Night Light - Tagul

This is a Tagul poster I made for a activity I made. The story was about moons.


  1. Well done Inotia I really like your Tagul cloud.
    Keep up your great work.

  2. Hey Inotia

    The Tagul you done looks Amazing. I think you should make more in your time about the topic your gonna do next year: Please also tell me what was the shape you did for your Tagul

    Namaste by Pote Aholelei

  3. Hi Inotia,

    I really like the way you have made your Tagul cloud with your space words that you have seen. Well done keep up the amazing work

  4. Well done Inotia
    I really like this Tagul because it has colorful words and I like your cloud.
    Keep up your great work.

  5. That looks awesome and that website is cool.
    Keep up the good work from Latham.

  6. Hi Inotia, Nazella here
    That looks really creative. Tagul is really interesting. You had so many interesting words. I like how you choose your colours and your cloud and your layout. This is my Tagul check it out please:
    I have done the same activity as you and this activity was interesting because you had to choose the layout , colours, shapes and fonts.
    Next time I think you should write some of the meanings.
    By Nazella

  7. Hey Inotia

    Great work learnt some knew words well done. Good on you for using your creativity with the cloud design.


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