Monday, 31 March 2014

Late for school excuses

Late for school Excuses

  • Dad’s car broke down
  • I was looking for my netbook
  • I was watching t.v.
  • I was playing on my xbox 360
  • I slept in
  • I was looking for my lost dog
  • I  had to walk to school when it is  was  8.30
  • my  mum’s  key  got lost  for the car
  • I was listening to music on my netbook
  • I slept  at  10   o'clock  last night
  • my alarm clock was broken so  I woke up late
  • I forgotten to set my alarm clock to 8 o’clock
  • I had  to  look for my netbook charger because my netbook was flat
  • My mum and dad  had a fight  so  i  came to school late

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  1. You have thought of some interesting excuses for being late for school Inotia. Can you think of some imaginative ideas? For example, an elephant was blocking the pathway to school or Mrs Eeles needed me to teach her music class.


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