Thursday, 4 September 2014

Recount With A twist

One day I went to the beach with my old church families.  I dived into the water like a dolphin.  I swam further out into the rough current and deeper water.  Then my older brother spotted a pirate ship!  As we swam closer we noticed some old pirate pictures and we also discovered a treasure chest hidden under a skeletons body.  My brother and I tried to lift it to shore but it was too heavy.  We told our Uncle and Dad to help us and they said “sure no problemo”.  They tried as hard as they could and luckily got it.  We brought in to shore and we found old pieces of rock!

At the pools my Uncle was playing around with us like acting he was a shark!  He was chasing us very fast as he could and he was trying to scare us.  When he went to the spa pool my cousin and I swam with my little brother.  Later on we saw a shark swimming next to us! “AAHHH” I screamed.  Everyone swam as fast as they could but I was the only one left in.  It chased after me all day long and when it got me I thought that I was going to die but it was my UNCLE! I said to him “uncle…. you scared me”.  He grinned while my face was red as a tomato.

When I was eight years old one night I was watching a scary movie.  While I was watching the movie I was so frightened that I hid behind the couch with my little brother Matarake.  When we opened our eyes we saw a dancing skeleton with a cane and a purple hat. I screamed and the skeleton said “Hello, how you doing? My name is Lucas Carlos and I’m your imaginary friend”. Am I dreaming? I thought. My little brother fainted onto my arms and I grabbed the water bottle close to me and poured onto my brother to wake him up. My brother shot up and started crying as soon as Lucas disappeared!  Later on I noticed that my little brother and I were so frightened of the movie that we started to imagine

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